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Our girl’s skincare range of all-natural products are suitable for all tween and teenage girls wanting help to maintain healthy skin, prevent unwanted blemishes and look their best.

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  • 125ml bottle of Tween Cleansing Gel with pump dispenser by Tween Skincare Australia
  • This jar contains Tween Exfoliating Mask in powder form by Tween Skincare Australia
  • Tween Moisturiser in a 60ml pink bottle with dispenser pump and cap by Tween Skincare Australia
    Skin Care

    Tween Moisturiser

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  • Tween Skincare Twin Pack with a 125ml bottle of Tween Cleanser and a 60ml bottle of Tween Moisturiser
  • Tween Skincare Starter Pack containing Tween Cleanser, Moisturiser and Exfoliating Mask
  • Girls Hair Brush, pink color, comfortable handle from Tween Skincare

    Girls Hair Brush

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  • Tween Beauty Bag - Tween Skincare-P13

    Tween Beauty Bag

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  • Pink Heart Facial Buffer - Tween Skincare
  • Milk Silk Headband - Tween Skincare

    Milk Silk Headband

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  • Deluxe Gift Pack - Cleansing Gel, Moisturiser, Exfoliating Mask, Pink Heart Facial Buffer, Milk Silk Headband & Beauty Bag
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