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Why stock Tween Skincare?

We visualised from the beginning to create tween skin care products in Australia that are 100% natural and free of chemicals, and tailored to be gentle on tween and teen skin. For example, our mask (in a powdered form) is less abrasive for delicate younger skin.

A skincare routine may not always be a priority when you’re a tween or even a teen. However, speaking with people in their 30s, 40s and 50s, everyone will tell you that they wished they’d have taken the time to take better care of their skin when they were younger. Tweens and teens need to start protecting their skin today, so they can keep it looking glowing and vibrant in early adulthood years, prevent damage, blemishes and premature aging.

For tweens and teens, education is the key! As parents, you’ll play a part in that education and help them to be able to look beyond today. Our children need to learn that just because a face cleaning product is strong doesn’t mean that it’s better for their skin. Our tweens and teens are typically blessed with incredibly resilient and healthy skin, and therefore don’t need strong products containing chemicals that may cause harm.

A good skincare regime is essential for beautiful glowing skin. Everyday skincare is vital for tweens and teens as their hormones are changing, and they can become prone to overproduction of oils, leading to clogging of the pores, dead skin cells and bacteria. Be assured with Tween Skincare that your children are using the right products for an effective skincare routine that’s easy to implement. With a bit of motivation, tweens and teens who take the time now to follow a healthy skin care routine will be forever thankful.

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